Why Work with Accessibil-IT?

Are you researching document accessibility specialists? At this point, you’ve likely found a variety of companies who say they can meet quick timelines and offer fair pricing. We’d like you to know what sets us apart from the pack.

It’s Our Specialty

Consultants come a dime a dozen. When working with Accessibil-IT, you’ll receive documents completed by a specialized, advanced coder, rather than someone with a general knowledge of PDFs. We offer a dedicated project team, which is scalable based on your needs.

The Utmost Security

We’re accustomed to meeting stringent security requirements — whether they’re governmental or departmental. Our experience navigating complex corporate guidelines has led to long-standing contracts with some of North America’s biggest companies. Accessibil-IT offers:

  • Security clearance with the Government of Canada and Province of Ontario
  • Secure infrastructure which meets privacy laws and protects personal information
Your Deadlines are Our Deadlines

We are committed to meeting your deadlines. We have a standard process for completing documents that can be as quick as 24 hours for documents less than 20 pages. We deliver when we say we will deliver.

Cost-Effective Compliance

Whether your organization falls under the AODA, Section 508 or others, we’re well-versed in the specifics of accessible regulations, PDF/UA and WCAG 2.0 guidelines. We’ll help determine the most economical way to achieve your compliance.